My mother’s parents loved traveling the world. They’d go off on a trip once every year or two and come back home with trays full of slides. We’d all get together in the living room to see the slides and hear the stories. My grandmother was quite the storyteller, and my grandfather was a good photographer, so these shows were more fun than you might guess. I grew up with the idea that travel was something to look forward to, when I was old enough.

When I was a sophomore in high school I learned that one could sign up for a trip to Europe, with other students, during the summer. It was open to students who had taken German language class, which I had done. I went to work and earned part of the money, and my family helped out, and in 1968 (the summer before my junior year) I got to spend seven weeks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia! I was with 49 other high school kids on a tour conducted by two teachers and their wives.

I came back with trays full of slides (shot on my Instamatic camera), lots of stories – and a never-ending love for European travel. I always dreamed of the day I could take Karen with me to Europe. And so, to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 1998, we took our first trip. My goal was to take her to see several of places that I’d been to 30 years before. We had a great time, and we’ve been back several times – whenever we can, actually. On these pages you can see some of the photos from our trips. We won’t make you sit in our living room and look at slides – unless you really want to!

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