When I was a kid, Dad and Mom would sometimes take us on trips in the family car. I loved to go places, but I hated the process of getting there. Yeah, I was one of those kids who kept asking, “Are we there yet?” Of course if I asked too often, they’d get mad, but my favorite answer was “We’re almost there.” If we were almost there, I could handle annoying sisters/carsickness/boredom/whatever. It felt good to be almost there.

Lately I’ve been looking ahead to retirement. Sometimes my job is hard to take, for various reasons (if you’ve ever had a job, you know what I mean). And I’ve been working for a long time, pretty much continuously full-time since my early twenties. So I’ve been looking ahead, and asking “are we there yet?” And the answer comes back, “almost there.” Just a few more years.

The reason I like “almost there” is that it gives me hope. Focusing on the good thing that is near makes where I’m at right now more bearable. That’s why everybody loves Fridays. Unless they have to work Saturdays too.

Are we there yet?

In another sense, I am almost there spiritually as well. In Romans 8:29 it says that God’s plan for each one of us is to conform us to the image of His Son, Jesus. And in 2 Corinthians 3:18 it says that we are being transformed into His (Jesus’) likeness, “from one degree of glory to the next.” So it’s a spiritual journey, not unlike those car trips we used to take. But there are no annoying sisters or carsickness – instead I have other obstacles between me and my spiritual goal. But I am almost there, and that gives me hope.

So that’s the theme for my site. I am “almost there” in many ways. I am a work in progress – and this site is here to display my work.

–Dave Votaw

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