Old Town Dubrovnik is a lot like Disneyland – it seems to have been created especially for people to come and visit. We haven’t met anyone – until just about an hour ago – who actually lives here. 

Like Disneyland, Old Town Dubrovnik is full of tourists in huge groups speaking all sorts of languages. They come off their cruise ships early, wearing their tour stickers, and they clump around their guides like so many bees around a queen. The poor tour guides have to walk around all day holding up a number or a flag, talking into a microphone, and try to be interesting and pleasant. 

Just like beehives, you have to avoid the tourist swarms – either walk around them (if there is any space) or just stand and wait until they pass. Most groups seem to be about 50 people (Karen thinks I exaggerate).

It’s a little bit touristy.

I know, it seems inconsistent for me, a tourist, to complain about the presence of other tourists. And I didn’t expect to have Dubrovnik to myself. But so many large groups makes me feel like I’m in some sort of an amusement park, not a real place at all. 

It doesn’t help that the shop and restaurant workers all speak fluent English. I expected some sort of language barrier. They’re all so cheerful and friendly – just like Disney employees. 

And if you want to go on one of the rides, like the boat trip, you have to wait in a long line, just like that other “D” park. Unless you go to a special booth and get a special ticket that lets you bypass the line. 

OK, I’m being a curmudgeon. But this place is awfully touristy. Fun, though. We really do like it here. Getting up and down the stairs is quite the workout. I’m glad I’ve been hitting the elliptical for a while. Karen’s pedometer shows more than 13,000 steps today. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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