Pack light, and remember you can purchase things you didn’t pack and really can’t get along without over there, and have fun doing it! I am still wrangling with – do I take a small purse or just use my back pack and money belt?

The weather is getting cooler-70 degrees during the day/60 at night – will I need sunscreen? Do I pack that little umbrella or just put up my hood? Do we carry on or check our luggage? 

They changed our flight to London and reduced the time we have to disembark, go through customs, transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick airports and go through security again! David retaliated by hiring private transportation between airports. We have three hours between flights. We shall see. The worse that can happen is we stay a night in London and catch a flight the next day.

We helped Mom practice pack today and went through her list or questions. She is going to do just fine! We are all terribly excited to be leaving this Friday!!!

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