I started teaching Bible classes in church back in the 1970’s, when I was still in college. People seem to like it, and they keep inviting me back, so I keep doing it. So I guess I have about 40 years experience!

But I’m always trying to improve, to learn new ways of teaching. A few years ago I had a new thought (yeah, it happens now and then): I’m supposed to be such a geek, why I am I not using technology in my teaching? Honestly, I’d never got past the overhead projector.

So I decided to use slideshows with my lessons, and I am convinced that it has made me a better teacher. It does a better job of keeping me on topic, and gives people something to look at besides me.

Since I’m a Mac guy, PowerPoint was not an option. So I use Keynote, Apple’s presentation program, to make my slideshows. I make them on my desktop Mac, but then I transfer them to my iPad and take that to church to connect to a projector. Our church now has projectors set up in every classroom, so that makes it really easy.

Sometimes people ask me if they can get my slideshows online. So I’m putting them on here. Below is a list of the courses that I have slideshows for. Eventually I’ll get them all uploaded on to this site.

  • Authentic Christianity (who are Jesus’ real disciples?)
  • Blessed Assurance (predestination and free will)
  • David (four stories from the life of Israel’s famous king)
  • Hearing God (from the book of the same name by Dallas Willard)
  • Reflecting the Light (a study of 2 Corinthians 3-5)
  • Genesis 1-4

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  1. Greetings Dave
    Thanks for the class today. It is a topic that every believer must settle with God. I appreciate your approach.

    David Pett

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