This morning while breakfasting on the Stradun (always wanted to say that) we saw motor vehicles in the Old City for the first time. All of the shops and restaurants have to restock, of course. So they let them in during the early morning hours.

Not as many tour groups today; maybe some of the cruise ships take Mondays off? The city is much less crowded, and we had a nice cool breeze most of the day.

We had planned it for later, but during breakfast we decided to walk the wall right away while it was still relatively cool and while we still had energy. We went down to the Pile Gate, bought our tickets and started climbing. It’s a long way up! The wall has little shade from the sun, but the breeze is fantastic and kept us pretty cool. 

View from the city wall across to the old fortress.

Views on the wall are amazing. I will once again attempt to upload photos. It’s actually much more difficult than it should be. It only works occasionally, thanks to a buggy app.

The walk was quite strenuous, with several steep flights of steps. Mom got pretty tired but she did not give up. She got dizzy a couple of times, so we took it slow. We made it all the way around the ocean half of the wall, which is what we wanted, and then we went down and had lunch at 11:30 or so. 

Mom and I went on up to the funicular but Karen decided to go on a bus adventure by herself. She seeks a shopping mall. I’m sitting here waiting for her return as I type.

It’s not really a funicular, I guess. I chose that word for the alliteration, and because it’s a fun word. A funicular is a car that goes up a hill on the ground. Our car went up in the air, on a cable, so I guess that makes it a gondola. Anyway, Mom and I went up there, and it’s an amazing view (and lots of breeze!). More pics are attached (I hope).

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