Still using Excel to manage your organization?

How's that working out for you?
Excel is great – if only one person has to use the file. But sharing an Excel file with multiple users is a pain. And if any of them makes even one tiny mistake, the whole structure can be fouled up. If this argument is making sense to you, please read on – I may be able to help.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a custom-built web database system to manage your organization? How about a system that:

  • is designed for multiple simultaneous users
  • runs in a web browser, from any place with an internet connection
  • is not vulnerable to user mistakes
  • is created exactly the way you want it, and can grow and change with your organization’s needs?


Click the tabs to the right to see some examples.


Let volunteers or customers come to your web site to sign up. They can

  • choose the date and time
  • sign up for your event
  • make their choices from your selection
  • see who else is coming
  • pay in advance


I created a Volunteer Management System for Salem Free Clinic. Volunteers (who provide free medical services to uninsured people) use my online system to sign up for clinic times in specific roles, for which they have been pre-qualified.

Do you need to keep attendance records for your class, church, or other organization? How about a system that would:

  • publish attendance reports
  • keep other kinds of records for attenders, such as grades or achievements
  • send automatic e-mail reminders when needed
  • keep track of volunteer attendance as well as student attendance


I wrote a system called CaN Center Attendance Tracker for Salem Leadership Foundation. It’s in use by over a dozen different churches to track attendance for all sorts of community outreach programs. Salem Leadership Foundation uses the information from CaNCAT to report back to its various funding sources about the way their money is being put to use.

Do you have to schedule people, rooms, equipment? Would it be helpful to have an online system that would:

  • list what is available and when it is available
  • let people sign up for specific resources, times, and places
  • let other people know what is taken and what is still available
  • send reminder notices to those who have signed up?


I wrote a system for Salem Alliance church a few years ago that allowed church members to schedule music & drama groups in their homes for Christmas parties. The groups, dates and times were preset; when people went online to schedule them, the group received a printed calendar of all of their booking times and locations.

Do you have a lot of information that always needs to be kept up to date? Do the members of your organization have to get the latest information on a regular basis? Are you always shipping spreadsheets to them? It would be a lot easier to get that data out on time if you had a system that:

  • presented data in an easy-to-read format that could be seen on any internet-capable device
  • allowed users to call up the data they’re most interested in seeing, and interact with it online
  • provided download capability for your people to store the data in Excel
  • enabled easy upload into the system from your original Excel spreadsheets


I created a custom site for my fantasy baseball league. We have unique rules, so no commercial system would work. The league ran on spreadsheets, distributed by email, for many years, but now the team owners can call up the latest information online at any time, just like the commercial systems. They can set up their lineups as well. We even have a real-time draft system!

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