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Projections vs. Reality

Before the season began I ran a few projections based on our rosters as of opening day. Here are the Steamer projections I posted in March:

Steamer Proj. Wins Actual Wins Diff. Proj vs Actual EFL Place
Portland 100.7 105 +4 1st
Flint Hill 93.5 104 +10 2nd
Old Detroit 90.8 95 +4 3rd
Canberra 89.9 82 -8 7th
Peshastin 87.1 90 +3 4th
Kaline 85.1 80 -5 8th
Haviland 85.1 83 -2 6th
Cottage 83.1 77 -6 9th
Pittsburgh 82.2 86 +4 5th
Brookland 80.4 65 -15 12th
DC 80.2 65 -15 11th
Bellingham 67.3 65 -2 10th

This doesn’t take into account the mid-season acquisitions and how those impacted our teams, not does it take into account injuries that happened after opening day. Someone with more time than me would be able to look at the in season acquisitions, injuries, etc and see where the deviations happened for each team. One could also study how each player either over or under performed their preseason projection. Maybe you’ll do that for your own team as you prepare for next season. But it is interested in to see how things turned out in hindsight.

Happy offseason to you and your team! I know Dave is rooting for the Dodgers to win the World Series. What about the rest of you? Who is your pick to win it all this year?

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