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Never Waste A Crisis

From today’s Athletic, in an article by Ken Rosenthal and Jayson Stark:

“In the meantime, with the season on hold, baseball is staring at an opportunity of sorts.

An opportunity to devise a template unlike any other in the game’s history, in response to conditions unlike any other in the nation’s history.

An opportunity to create a laboratory out of a shortened season and test a wide range of experimental ideas that could help energize the sport.

The game’s jam-packer calendar … normally makes it difficult for officials in the sport to catch their breath, much less thing. But now, for once, they have time…

(Joe) Maddon say, “We’re being told to stay in our houses or RV’s to avoid social contact and the spread of the virus. Did you ever think you would hear that coming down the pike?  I mean, once you’ve heard that, doesn’t everything else become wide open? …doesn’t that kind of lessen in a sense the traditions of the game and how it’s played?

Find out. Maybe we don’t like the changes. Maybe we think they’re terrible. But we have this opportunity to find out.”


This seemed timely considering what we have been doing today. This week. This month. In the EFL, at GFU, in our families.  Never waste a crisis, they say, and I am thinking this applies to our whole society.



(P.S.: I’m still nauseated by the idea of putting a runner on second to start each extra inning. Sure! Let’s adopt the worst idea from soccer to “fix” baseball.  Anyone watching baseball can call it a tie and leave anytime they want. But why should this require the rest of us to do the same? Does the kid who leaves the house to do something he’d rather do have a right to complain when he comes home and finds the family had fun while he was gone?

 But the other ideas Rosenthal and Stark raise have promise.)