League Updates

Avoiding the Spotlight…Unlike the Marlins

If you have been following your email inbox closely, you’ll remember an interaction between Allegheny management and myself in which I was gently corrected for assuming that noticing missed games in the standings would be good for your team. In the case of the Alleghenys, a missed game resulted in runs lost even though it seemed to have no impact on his spotless record. The Alleghenys were even touted for achieving what no other team in the entire MLB achieved this season – beginning to season 3-0. 

Well, this morning all of that changed when the Alleghenys decided that being in spotlight was not as wonderful as they had imagined. Old Detroit management earlier today made us aware of some players who perhaps felt the same way, choosing to spend time out of the limelight. So it must be en vogue to humbly step down from the pedestal of excellence in the midst of a pandemic that is adversely affecting one team more than others.

So, assumedly in solidarity, the EFL team from Pittsburgh (who rumor has it would have been VERY happy to host the Toronto Blue Jays if needed) joined the ranks of those less fortunate, taking his first loss of the season even on a night when his HR totals were being (incorrectly, it turns out) touted via the league email portal.

Whatever his reason, the rest of the EFL will be grateful for a reprieve in what was beginning to feel like the beginning of another Allegheny championship.

Team Wins Losses Pct. GB RS RA
Pittsburgh Alleghenys 2 1 .771 24.9 13.6
Peshastin Pears 2 2 .588 0.5 17.1 14.3
Flint Hill Tornadoes 2 2 .484 0.9 14.1 14.6
D.C. Balk 1 2 .411 1.1 7.0 8.4
Old Detroit Wolverines 1 3 .375 1.3 13.0 16.8
Haviland Dragons 1 3 .351 1.4 21.9 29.8
Canberra Kangaroos 1 2 .315 1.4 13.7 20.2
Cottage Cheese 1 3 .325 1.5 16.7 24.1
Kaline Drive 1 3 .311 1.6 12.4 18.5
Portland Rosebuds 1 3 .290 1.7 18.7 29.3
Bellingham Cascades 0 3 .121 1.9 11.1 30.0

Pittsburgh, L 2-6 (.233, .281, .767; 7.3 IP, 12 ER, 14.79 ERA) Last night’s email interaction began with a request from Canberra management to move a couple of the Pittsburgh’s ample HR collection over to the Kangaroos. Up until that point I didn’t realize Canberra had not yet him a HR this season. The Alleghenys were in the midst of crushing another 4 HRs last night, but something entirely different transpired on the mound. Graveman and Weaver spun their team a graveyard (get it?), and it didn’t matter how many HRs they hit, they came crashing down to earth though they still managed to remain alone in first place. 

Peshastin, “L” 4-3 (.263, .263, .421; no pitching) This is what happens when you believe a walk is worth less than a batted ball. Jacoby Jones added an HR and Victor Robles continue to do his best Juan Soto impression, getting two hits and striking out twice. And everything about the game seems to have gone well, but the decimals and fractions and rounding errors conspired to keep the Pears out of a share of first place…for now. 

Flint Hill, W 6-5 (.259, .333, .704; 1.2 IP, 1 ER, 6.43 ERA) The Tornadoes have been averaging 10 Ks per game, and that is the hitters, not the pitchers. As someone who is not a fan of the three true outcomes approach, watching so many of our players whiff is maddening. However, 5 of our 7 hits were for extra bases so I suppose I can live another day with such an awful K rate. 

DC, DNP 2-0 (.243, .282, .432; no pitching) The Balk are testing the theory that good teams have to score a lot of runs to be successful. The Balk have scored exactly 7 runs total this season. That means the Alleghenys are scoring more runs per game than the Balk has scored all season. Yet because of stellar pitching, or in the case of yesterday no pitching. they find themselves in 4th place, just 1.1 games out of first. Impressive! 

Old Detroit, W (-1), L (2) 2-7 (.207, .281, .276; 3IP, 3ER, 9.00 ERA) Maybe the Wolverines should change their name to the Yoyoverines…up and down the standings they seem to go each day. Can you imagine the amount of stinking pickles flying through the air in his well-appointed Dundee residence? 

Haviland, W 8-5 (.350, .440, .500; 4IP, 1ER, 2.25 ERA) Happy Edgar Martinez Day! 7 hits and 4 walks turned into 8 runs for the Dragons, and he got what he’s been waiting so long for – a decent pitching line to earn a win. The Dragon offense is second tin the league in Runs Scored, and if the pitching staff can start to throw like this, watch out!

Canberra, DNP 1-4 (.217, .379, .522; 7.4IP, 9ER, 10.95 ERA) Last night the Kangaroo management complained about how few HRs his team had hit – the number was 0. Guess what? That same night they hit their first two of the season. Tonight he should complain about their ERA…

Cottage, L 4-6 (.261, .414, .304; 1IP, 0ER, 0.00 ERA) Apparently the Cheese really like first base. Last night they walked 5 times and had 6 hits, but 5 of them were singles. That means they got on 11 times, but 10 of those were just to first base. You usually have to move beyond first to win games, though that is not always the case in the EFL. It was, however, the case for the Cheese last night. 

Kaline, L 5-9 (.259, .375, .519; 3IP, 6ER, 18.00 ERA) Almost all of the Drive offense last night was generated by Hunter Renfroe who had 2 HRs and a BB. He was helped by two hits from Mariner phenom Kyle Lewis, but it was not enough to combat a horrible pitching performance from Fulmer and Kimbrel. 

Portland, “L” 1-0 (.125, .222, .250; 10IP, 2ER, 1.80 ERA) I wonder if Rosebud ownership gets confused when they check the standings each day. They are so accustomed to seeing their name atop the standings this must feel discombobulating. But, alas, here they are. They had a great day on the mound, led by Wacha and Thornton. But only two batters showed up, and they were less than Rosebud quality. More hitting and a repeat of this kind of pitching and they may not be down here for long. 

Bellingham, DNP 0-0 (.182, .308, .455; 1IP, 0ER, 0.00 ERA) When the Cascades don’t have a game scheduled they make sure their players produce 0 runs and allow 0 runs, which though it seems normal is a very abnormal EFL outcome. But they did it! Good job, Cascades!