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Hopeful Sign From Churches?

Early this fall the Angels acquired Jose Iglesias.  Yesterday they added Raisel Iglesias.

In English those names would translate as Joseph and … umm… Raisel Churches. 

The Churches have been united before.  They first found unity in Old Detroit with the Wolverines.  If I remember aright (but it is too fun to forget so I’ll remember it regardless), while they were still Wolverines they both became Cincinnati Reds.  

As you might expect, churches united around the values of wild carnivorous beasts, or communists, are not in a stable situation.  The dual unity in Old Detroit and Cincinnati, if it even happened, was very short. Perhaps a matter of a few off-season weeks.  Soon the two Churches went on their different ways. 

But clearly the Angels were watching over them.  And now the Angels have brought them back together.

I suppose if Mike Trout and Tim Salmon had played for the Fish (AKA Marlins) this kind of cosmic reconciliation could be said to have a precedent. Has Minnesota ever had a pair of Twins? Or even two twins from different pairs? Maybe McCovey and Cepeda would count as a pair of Giants, but that would be based on whimsy, not literal meanings. I bet the Padres have had muchos padres, but I doubt they’ve ever had two Padres with capital P’s, at least not ordained ones. 

I don’t want to try to discern whether Arizona has ever had two snakes.  I just do not know enough about players’ personalities or character. Same for the Pirates.  Cleveland may have had two Indians, or (less likely) Atlanta/Milwaukee/Boston two Braves. 

Brewers and Mariners are plentiful, especially if you count hobbyists, so they probably think nothing of having a pair.

Anyway:  2020 has been a rough year.  The Wolverines finishing 9th is only the beginning of the list of troubles. I hope I can be forgiven for wanting to see the highly improbable alignment of all MLB churches with the Angels as a sort of modern Christmas star, heralding better days. 

Is it ok to decide to be a fan of a team for one year? I might be an Angels fan in 2021.

(And if the Angels miraculously win the World Series in 2021, you heard it here first.  If they don’t, you didn’t.)


  • What are you talking about Phil? Did the Angels cheat to win a World Series? Or is the entire league tilted in their favor so they think they have a right to win the World Series every year? I think they only have on more WS championship than the Mariners do.

    And anyway — they are only the second MLB team, third major league team overall, to unite the Churches. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?