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Tornado Tutelage?

I am doing some research tonight on Rookies, and as I was learning more about Tommy Doyle (currently a Rockies minor league pitcher), I ran across this sentence:

“Jordan Czarniecki, a Rockies area scouting supervisor, pegged Doyle as a potential second-round Draft pick out of Flint Hill High School in Oakton, Va. But that’s not how the Doyle family rolls.”

When the Tornadoes chose their locale at the onset of their franchise, Flint Hill was chosen as a tribute to the Flint Hills located near Manhattan, KS, where I was born. As he should, Ron Mock provided some light-hearted ribbing over the singular nature of the team name, despite the plural name of the geographical phenomena in Kansas.

But now we all know – Flint Hill is not made up! It says right there in Tommy Doyle’s biography that he attended Flint Hill High School. Granted, it’s in the wrong state, but that’s a small thing with which to quibble. Also, it appears the school was founded in order to skirt the Brown vs. Board of Education order to desegregate schools, so perhaps we don’t want to draw to strong a line of connection between the Tornadoes and the Huskies…

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  • I am sorry it took so long to notice this reminiscence about the welcome you received when you joined the league an “s” short. Fond memories. Thanks!