Salmon River and Boldt Castle

We visit the Salmon River at Pulaski and Boldt Castle on Heart Island on a beautiful day.

Salmon Fishing at Pulaski

We stopped by the town of Pulaski, where the Salmon River crosses under the highway. There, dozens of salmon fishers converge, and everybody catches their limit, in a beautiful setting on the Salmon River.

No doubt about where we were…

We enjoyed lunch in Alexandria Bay

Our ferry out to Heart Island

Alexandria Bay and Boldt Castle

Alexandria Bay is a beautiful little tourist trap located on the St. Lawrence River. From there one can take a tour boat out on the river, or visit one of the many islands. Our plan was to take a ferry boat out to Heart Island so that we could visit Boldt Castle. And that’s what we did!

view of the castle from the boat dock

Craig and Judy in front of Power House

The Italian Garden

Karen near the Gazebo

The Entry Arch

The Grand Staircase

skylight over grand staircase

Reception Room

detailed plaster work in ballroom

Dovecoat Tower

view from servant dining room

main dining room


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