Our group walks through Spello’s main town square.

After lunch at the winery we traveled over to Spello, a nearby hill town that is not especially a tourist draw – unless you are traveling with Tuscany Tours. It’s one of their favorites, and we soon learned why.
Spello is a town full of homes where people actually live, and they are proud of their town. Alessandra explained that they have an annual contest for best-decorated street and best-decorated house. The contest lasts all summer, and your house might be judged at any time. The effect of that is that people keep the whole town looking beautiful all of the time.

Every year in June they cover the pavements with flowers, using them as paint, so that a floral art pathway is created for a parade route through town. We were about six weeks early, but they had the posters up for it and they looked beautiful.

There were no specific attractions in Spello, but we loved the beauty of the stone-paved streets and the plants and flowers used as decoration on buildings. There is one town square that has a lovely row of trees and a restaurant.

After walking through much of the town, and noting the award plaques proudly displayed on the contest-winning buildings, we exited through a genuine Roman ruin, an archway.