Day 1: Zurich to Lucerne

As soon as we have body, soul and luggage together, we’ll descend to the basement of the Zurich airport and activate our Swiss Travel Passes. We each invested in an 8-day pass, which entitles us to unlimited travel on trains, gondolas, boats, buses, and other public transportation systems in Switzerland.

After that’s done, we’ll climb aboard the next available train to Lucerne, where we are staying for two nights at the Gasthaus Rösli. You can see the entrance in this picture (from Google street view). This just shows you the classy kind of places that we stay in on these trips.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.46.31 PMGasthaus Rösli
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.49.49 PMReuss River

(Click on this photo to enlarge it.)

But just around the corner is the river, which leads into Lake Lucern, and the famous Chapel Bridge (you can see its pointy tower looking straight downstream). So it’s a good location!

We will spend Saturday night and all day Sunday in Lucerne. We’re tentatively planning a trip up the “world’s steepest” cog railway train to the summit of Mt. Pilatus, where there be dragons, they say. Assuming that we haven’t been eaten, we’ll leave Monday morning for Lauterbrunnen.

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