Teaching God's Word

a site for Community Group teachers and leaders at Salem Alliance Church
About Community Groups
Community groups provide the environment for all people to be known, noticed and nurtured.

Our commitment while people are being known is to develop trained, mobilized disciples of Christ through excellent, inspired teaching and group facilitation.  We seek to teach God’s truth, inspire Christ-like living, and equip people for active ministry.

All Community Groups are designed and encouraged to have three components.

Radical Community (In)
We welcome new people and integrate them into our group. We are a family, actively working to make sure everyone is connected to others within the group, and establishing community. We are taking risks with others to develop forged relationships.

Passionate Spirituality (Up)
We strive to learn spiritual truth and be transformed through the intentional teaching of the Word of God.

Missional Zeal (Out)
We apply God’s truth to life situations through group activities and partnerships.  We put spiritual knowledge into action to bring the peace of Jesus Christ to our community.

A list of teacher resources is available on this site. It is to be used for Community Group purposes only.  As leaders using this website please direct any questions or concerns to Travis Ratzlaff.


Community Group Planning Sheet 2019-20 (PDF)