“God Was Having Fun When He Created This”

  We spent Saturday at the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen – Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. The title is what Mom said about it. She was amazing – we hiked for four hours and she made it! I am still feeling the effects today (Sunday). It was pretty strenuous. I have uploaded a small selection […]

A Maze of Twisty Passages, All Alike

  Back in the early 1980’s when I was working in the Computer Center at Whittier College, we had a multi-user computer system with terminals all over campus. It was a Digital Equipment Co. PDP-11, so of course we gave it the name of Peedy P. Eleven, or “Peedy” to its closer, more intimate friends. […]

What’s So Great About Expectations?

A pastor friend and I have an ongoing debate: are expectations worth having? It seems to me that a lot of the anger and sadness in this life results from unfulfilled expectations. We expect food to be good, people to be fair, preaching to be profound. When it doesn’t happen, our reactions range from disappointment […]

How to Build Your Own Island

Start with a rock that is sticking up out of the water. On the rock, place an oil painting that may have come from the cargo of a passing ship. Make sure that the painting is a Madonna with Child so that you can claim a miracle. Toss in a healing story or two and […]

Walking the Wall, Flying the Funicular

This morning while breakfasting on the Stradun (always wanted to say that) we saw motor vehicles in the Old City for the first time. All of the shops and restaurants have to restock, of course. So they let them in during the early morning hours.Not as many tour groups today; maybe some of the cruise […]

Escape to Lokrum (by Karen)

We took a side trip to the island of Lokrum partially to get away from the cruise ship and bus tour crowds in Dubrovnik, partly to explore garden areas with mom. It was hot and the boat trip was cool on several levels, it was a glass bottom boat. It made some people a little […]

Is This Dubrovnik or Disneyland?

  Old Town Dubrovnik is a lot like Disneyland – it seems to have been created especially for people to come and visit. We haven’t met anyone – until just about an hour ago – who actually lives here. Like Disneyland, Old Town Dubrovnik is full of tourists in huge groups speaking all sorts of languages. […]

Staying in the Fort

We were just about to land in Dubrovnik this afternoon. Karen had the window seat, and she was exclaiming over everything. “There’s the fort!” she said. “That’s where we’re going to stay!” She turned to me. “Right? We’re staying in the fort, right?” I mumbled something about staying in the old city. By the time she […]

Packing Rules (by Karen)

Pack light, and remember you can purchase things you didn’t pack and really can’t get along without over there, and have fun doing it! I am still wrangling with – do I take a small purse or just use my back pack and money belt? The weather is getting cooler-70 degrees during the day/60 at […]

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