League Updates

First Time for Everything

I woke up this morning to two things that caught me by surprise. The first was this headline from MLB.com: “For first time in 66 years, no team starts 3-0.” To beat a drum played often and well by our commissioner-on-sabbatical, it seems like MLB has once again overlooked a few teams. If you scroll down just a bit you’ll note that there is a team who has begun the season 3-0 – the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. I’ve reached out to their PR department to let them know of their mistake, however it seems they are busy with another first – this one much more problematic, even terrible.

The Miami Marlins have had the first COVID-19 outbreak of the 2020 season. At this point, there are 14 members of the team who have tested positive, and they are awaiting tests on the others, including results from their opponent, the Phillies. This is frightening, and lends credence to danger of playing baseball this season. The scarier part is that before their game began on Sunday, they knew there was an outbreak. They decided to play anyway. 

For me, this news was sobering. I know that the statistics show that young, healthy individuals are not experiencing a lot of dramatic symptoms when they test positive, but I also have Eduardo Rodriguez’s current situation reverberating through my mind. The crazy thing I won’t be surprised if the season continues and I won’t be surprised if the season is cancelled. 

I guess we will await to see how things unfold in then next several days, and hope the “firsts” won’t continue to be those of a terrible nature…

Pittsburgh Alleghenys 3 0 .914 22.7 7.0
Peshastin Pears 2 1 .599 0.9 12.9 10.6
Old Detroit Wolverines 2 1 .553 1.1 11.1 10.0
Flint Hill Tornadoes 1 2 .379 1.6 7.8 10.0
Canberra Kangaroos 1 2 .362 1.7 11.8 15.7
Kaline Drive 1 2 .343 1.7 7.4 10.3
Cottage Cheese 1 2 .312 1.8 12.3 18.3
D.C. Balk 1 2 .266 1.9 5.0 8.4
Portland Rosebuds 1 2 .255 2 17.0 29.1
Haviland Dragons 1 2 .251 2 14.3 24.8
Bellingham Cascades 0 3 .114 2.4 11.2 31.1

I only have time to post scores for each game – you’ll have to look on the stats page to see who led your team to victory (or defeat).

Pittsburgh (W, 6-2)

Peshastin (W, 6-4)

Old Detroit (W2, L-1, 6-0)

Flint Hill (W, 4-4)

Canberra (W, 5-2)

Kaline (L, 2-3)

Cottage (L, 4-8)

DC (W, 3-3)

Portland (W, 9-5)

Haviland (W, 4-3)

Bellingham (L, 2-12)