League Updates Logistical Notes

2021 Spring Draft Order

The following draft order will apply to all our drafts from now through the April-May monthly meeting:

1 Portland Rosebuds  
2 Pittsburgh Alleghenys  
3 Detroit Tigers  
4 Boston Red Sox  
5 Old Detroit Wolverines  
6 New York Mets  
7 Colorado Rockies  
8 Los Angeles Angels  
9 Kansas City Royals  
10 Washington Nationals  
11 DC Balk  
12 Canberra Kangaroos  
13 Cottage Cheese  
14 Philadelphia Phillies  
15 Bellingham Cascades  
16 Houston Astros   –PASS– 
17 Haviland Dragons  
18 Peshastin Pears  
19 Kaline Drive  
20 Cincinnati Reds  
21 St. Louis Cardinals  
22 New York Yankees  
23 Flint Hill Tornadoes Peshastin Pears
24 Chicago Cubs  
25 Chicago White Sox  
26 Atlanta Braves  
27 Oakland A’s  
28 San Diego Padres  
29 Tampa Bay Rays  
30 Los Angeles Dodgers  


  1.  The Astros lost their pick in the first round to reflect their MLB penalty for cheating.
  2. The Tornados lost their pick in the first round to reflect their EFL penalty for winning. 
  3. The Kaline Drive were reported as having the same record as four MLB teams.  This threw me into  a tizzy — how could I decide whether Kaline should draft first or last in that group?  Dave came to my rescue.  The Drive only won 30.998 games, not 31.  So this means the Drive draft before their “fellow” 31- game winners. That wily Wizard strikes again!  This might be the fruit of something as small as encouraging the last batter of the season to strike out instead of grounding out.