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6,106…and Counting

Last night the record for most MLB HRs hit in a season was broken when Jonathan Villar hit his 21st HR of the season (his career high) for the 6,106th HR of the season. Most teams have about 16 games left in the season, which means at the current pace (41 HRs/night) means the record will be somewhere between 6,600 and 7,000. Think about that number! 7,000 HRs in one season. That is absurd. Even now I have the Rockies and Cardinals game on in the background, and in the 4th inning 7 HRs have already been hit!

And it is somewhat ironic that the record HR was hit by a player on the Baltimore Orioles, who as a team have given up more HRs than any other team this year. It could have been one of the many players at the top of the standings for the HR prowess, but no, it was a journeyman infielder (who is having a pretty decent season, by the way!). Villar, when translated from Spanish to English, means hamlet. So today I will assign to your team a famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

But before we get there, I wanted to update you on the EFL stats for HRs. I don’t have historical data to compare these to, but maybe Ron or Dave can provide that historical data a different day:

Old Detroit – 275

Flint Hill – 267

Portland – 252

Pittsburgh – 232

Canberra – 228

Kaline – 221

Haviland – 213

Peshastin – 208

Brookland – 205

Cottage – 171

DC – 170

Bellingham – 163

EFL Total: 2,605

We have 12 teams, which means if our HR stats were correlative to the MLB rate, we would have 2,442. So we have been a little bit better (163, or one per game) at getting the HR hitters than the average MLB team. Good for us!

EFL Standings for 2019
Portland Rosebuds 96 51 .654 934.6 677.7
Flint Hill Tornadoes 92 54 .633 3.3 915.9 686.5
Old Detroit Wolverines 86 60 .587 10 850.1 708.9
Pittsburgh Alleghenys 80 65 .550 15.4 773.9 687.4
Peshastin Pears 80 67 .542 16.5 770.3 710.8
Canberra Kangaroos 76 71 .514 20.6 826.1 806.9
Haviland Dragons 75 72 .513 20.9 817.7 791.4
Kaline Drive 70 77 .477 26 694.7 728.8
Cottage Cheese 65 80 .452 29.7 810.8 885.8
Bellingham Cascades 63 82 .431 32.7 669.3 784.1
Brookland Outs 61 84 .421 34.2 699.8 818.9
D.C. Balk 58 89 .391 38.7 641.8 804.2
Portland: W, 4-0 (51 PA, .234, .314, .391; 17 ip, 4 er, 2.12 era) “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.” Just two days ago there was a glimmer of hope in the geographical region of Kansas known as the Flint Hills. The First place Rosebuds had begun September with a whimper, and a Tornado is so much more than a whimper. I jockeyed over text with the Rosebud owner, and he continue to remain calm, sending funny GIF after funny GIF, seemingly not worried about what might happen while also humoring me. Well, yesterday and today have proven that though he smiles, he is still a villain. His hitting was, as it has been for most of the month, just ok. But yesterday his pitchers decided to show up, providing 17 ip and getting rid of all the replacement innings the Rosebuds were carrying. A villain indeed – a whole team of them!
Flint Hill: DNP, 1-1 (36 PA, .276, .417, .517; 5.7 ip, 2 er, 3.18 era) “When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!” Truer words have ne’er been spoken! Yesterday I scored 10 runs and my opponent scored 4. The sorrow of the day? THe algorithm gave me a loss, my first of the month! How sorrowful. Then, today, the Rosebud pitchers proclaimed their presence and desire to win another championship by pitching like a September Tornado, so our single sorrow turned into a battalion. We were 2.4 games back before yesterday, not we are 3.3, despite out-scoring our opponents 11-5. Mike Trout has been hurt, Javy Baez broke his thumb and is out for the rest of the season, and Max Kepler has been having shoulder pain that has sidelined him for a few games. These sorrows are too much too bear!
Old Detroit: DNP, 1-5 (62 PA, .241, .290, .552; 6.7 ip, 9 er, 12.15 era) “O God, I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space – were it not that I have bad dreams.”  In late August I asked the chief Wolverine if he wanted to trade me any pitching (Marcus Stroman, to be exact). He told me that he was sticking with his roster and making a run during this last month. I have to think that this month has felt like a bad dream even though he intended/hoped to be nearer to king. Last night’s bad dream was in the form of his two name alliterative pitchers, Robbie Ray and Josh James, who together gave up all 9 runs.
Pittsburgh: W, 4-2 (44 PA, .179, .273, .436; 17 ip, 9 er, 4.76 era) “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them how we will.” Surely the divine was looking down on the Alleghany’s, shaping their end. How else can you explain a line like his with an outcome like he had yesterday? Sure, allocations might be a partial explanation, but it is more than that. Mike Moustakas did his part chipping in a pair of HRs, but all the rest was roughly-hewn. Including the pitching, which gave up 9 earned runs on the day. But the divine has spoken, and shaped their roughness into something respectable, in this case, a win.
Peshastin: W, 7-1 (45 PA, .341, .400, .561; 4.3 ip, 2 er, 4.15 era) “If we are true to ourselves, we can not be false to anyone.” The Pears put together a complete performance which turned into a dominating win. Four Pears gathered 3 or more total bases, and the pitching was good. This is just the thing about the young Pears. They are just going to continue being themselves, and next year when nearly their entire team returns a year older, wiser, and probably better, their truth will be apparent to all of us.
Canberra: W, 9-2 (35 PA, .344, .400, .563; 10 ip, 2 er, 1.80 era) “Sweets to the sweet.” Not to be overshadowed by the Pears, the Roos showed all of us what a truly good game looks like. The pitching was excellent, led by Steven Matz and a host of RPs. The hitting was even better, led by the youngsters Mondesi and Margot. And all that can be said is, sweets to the sweet.
Haviland: W, 8-5 (34 PA, .333, .455, .630; 16.3 ip, 10 er, 5.51 era) “Listen to many, speak to a few.” I am not sure if this is the Dragons’ team quote for the day, or one merely reflecting its owner’s way of life. Either way, the Dragons put together a great day at the plate (the kind that would make you want to tell everyone) but then found less success on the mound, which in turn would make one likely to keep quiet, I imagine. But at the end of the day it counted as a win for the Dragons, and I imagine that made the Dragon offer a wry smile as he sits quietly in his office dreaming about next season.
Kaline: W, 6-4 (34 PA, .290, .353, .613; 7 ip, 3 er, 3.86 era) “Our wills and fates do so contrary run.” One of the things I most appreciate about Tom is that he never complains no matter the situation. When we are talking too much in a monthly meeting so that he cannot hear, he simply asks us with a kind and generous tone to repeat what was just said. When his players get injured, and he has had more than his fair share over the past few years, he just continues to plug along making his team better. Fate this year has been unkind to him (I thought he might be nearer the top at season’s end), but his will remains strong and steadfast!
Cottage: “L,” 4-3 (34 PA, .188, .235, .594; 1 ip, 0 er) “The rest, is silence.” It sounds cruel to say this, but a highlight of the year is always the Cheese lamnet. Cruel because if he were doing well I am certain he would not write a lament, and to look forward to a lament is to wish him something less than success. But the lament is usually the last we hear from the head Cheese. Once he has shared his soul with us, he becomes silent to let the season play out. And to lose a game when you outscore your opponent only adds to the silence.
Bellingham: “W,” 4-10 (23 PA, .176, .391, .744; 6.3 ip, 6 er, 8.53 era) “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The Cascade plight this year has been too few PAs, and last night was no different. But if brevity is the soul of wit, how far ahead is Andre in wit compared to those who have too many PAs? Too far to measure, it seems.
Brookland: L, 0-3 (24 PA, .100, .208, .150; 7.3 ip, 2 er, 2.45 era) “It is not nor it cannot come to good.” I wonder if the Outs feel like I feel for them – that they are so close to getting the #1 pick, but just can’t do enough to get there. In this case, their pitching was very good, even though their hitting was not. And the Balk even won, making it more likely the Outs could move even closer. But try as he might, he seems unable to catch the Outs and achieve the good that comes from the cellar – the #1 pick next year!
DC: “W,” 2-6 (37 PA, .219, .324, .406; 2.7 ip, 1 er, 3.38 era) “Words, words, words.” I make no assertion that the Balk actually read every word on the way to finding their team’s stats, though I wonder if, when they do, they find themselves lost in the words, words, words of the updater. Sometimes it feels like too much, but here we are. The Balk eked out a win even though they were outscored. I think they would be happy about that, if they would see through the forest of words.
Combined MLB + EFL Standings for 2014
AL East
New York Yankees 95 51 .651
Flint Hill Tornadoes 92 54 .633 2.6
Tampa Bay Rays 87 60 .592 8.5
Old Detroit Wolverines 86 60 .587 9.3
Boston Red Sox 76 70 .521 19
Toronto Blue Jays 57 89 .390 38
Baltimore Orioles 47 98 .324 47.5
NL East
Atlanta Braves 91 56 .619
Washington Nationals 80 64 .556 9.5
Philadelphia Phillies 75 70 .517 15
New York Mets 75 70 .517 15
Canberra Kangaroos 76 71 .514 15.4
D.C. Balk 58 89 .391 33.5
Miami Marlins 51 94 .352 39
AL Central
Minnesota Twins 89 56 .614
Cleveland Indians 86 61 .585 4
Pittsburgh Alleghenys 80 65 .550 9.2
Chicago White Sox 64 81 .441 25
Bellingham Cascades 63 82 .431 26.5
Kansas City Royals 54 92 .370 35.5
Detroit Tigers 43 100 .301 45
NL Central
St. Louis Cardinals 81 64 .559
Milwaukee Brewers 77 68 .531 4
Chicago Cubs 77 68 .531 4
Cincinnati Reds 67 79 .459 14.5
Cottage Cheese 65 80 .452 15.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 64 82 .438 17.5
Brookland Outs 61 84 .421 20
AL West
Houston Astros 95 52 .646
Oakland A’s 86 60 .589 8.5
Haviland Dragons 75 72 .513 19.7
Texas Rangers 73 74 .497 22
Kaline Drive 70 77 .477 24.8
Los Angeles Angels 67 80 .456 28
Seattle Mariners 60 86 .411 34.5
NL West
Portland Rosebuds 96 51 .654
Los Angeles Dodgers 94 53 .639 2.2
Peshastin Pears 80 67 .542 16.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 75 71 .514 20.7
San Francisco Giants 70 76 .479 25.7
San Diego Padres 68 77 .469 27.2
Colorado Rockies 62 84 .425 33.7

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