View of the surrounding peaks from the platform at the top of the Schilthorn

We took a gondola from Birg up to the Schilthorn. The building there is called Piz Gloria, and was strongly featured in the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” The whole place has a Bond theme, and this year they’re celebrating 50 years of that, since the movie was made in 1969.

Joyce, Karen and I had been to Schilthorn before, but the views are so beautiful that we were excited to share them with the rest of the group.

Here is the Piz Gloria, taken from the patio outside it. It’s a revolving restaurant. You get to sit and eat lunch and watch the mountains go around.

Here’s part of our group at lunch in the Piz Gloria. This table was moving (slowly) from left to right, so I had to time my shot!

As you can see from these photos, we had perfect weather for this day’s outing. On the Schilthorn, that’s pretty rare, so we were thankful to be so blessed!

Out on the patio they continue with the Bond theme. This particular movie featured perhaps the least popular James ever: George Lazenby, seen here (with Karen) in his signature pose. Later, I was able to catch Arden looking down the barrel of a Bond gun.

Another view from the Schilthorn

Some more good advice from the ever-helpful Swiss.

From Schilthorn the group took the gondola back down to Murren. You can see the village of Murren in this view taken from the gondola.

At that point we split up; some of the group wanted to do some more shopping in Murren, then head back to the hotel; the rest of us took the hike down to Gimmelwald.

The next blog post will show pictures of Murren and Gimmelwald.