Perfect weather in Lauterbrunnen

On Thursday we took a vacation from our vacation. I was pretty tired and took the morning to catch up on my photos and writing. In the afternoon I took a walk around Lauterbrunnen and grabbed a few photos. Karen and some of the others who had not been there before went up to Trummelbach Falls. Friday is our last day on this trip – we are all sad about that. It’s been so good, and our group travels well together.

The Main Street in Lauterbrunnen. Everything on this street is a hotel, a restaurant, or a shop. This town has been pretty quiet this week since we are right at the beginning of their high season. In the summer they have a lot more people.

As we walked through town, suddenly there was a cow parade! We had hoped to see this on our previous trip, but missed it – so this completed our Lauterbrunnen checklist. And it was everything we hoped it would be. The cows in the pasture by our hotel were very excited about this parade, and crowded up to the fence to see it.

I loved seeing the last guy with the shovel on his shoulder – so appropriate.

When you are part of a group of 10 you have to make dinner reservations every night. This card says that our group (10 P.) will be there at 6:00 pm (18:00).

Here’s the dessert menu, in case you’re interested. Most of us were!

The church in Lauterbrunnen is right outside our hotel room windows – that’s the back of our hotel across the street on the right. The church bells ring a lot! I really like them, but some found them annoying.

We were in Lauterbrunnen right on the edge of spring. The trees were blossoming, but there was still lots of snow in the mountains.

We were so glad that we returned to Lauterbrunnen. We had a great week there.